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Wed, Oct. 6th, 2004, 03:21 pm
puddintang: To: Lt. Feliz Montalban of Federal Cruiser Papillion

To: Lt. Feliz Montalban of Federal Cruiser Papillion
Message Type: Open, Text Only
Subject: Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Poster: Miss_Mitsy_Barrens

~Message Start~

Dear Lieutenant:

Hi there!

I'm not sure how this thing works, but I asked my neighbor to help me figure out how to send a note to your address. Mitsy Barrens, here. I'm settling back into schoolteaching well enough and I'm finally starting to address my recovery. The trauma of the events that you boys valiantly rescued me from is weighing heavy on my mind. Memories keep popping up when I least expect them and I find myself crying through the night quite often. I've been talking to Father Reginald a bit and am trying to take comfort in the Lord though my darker days.

I also recently talked to the deputy here in town and he said I should contact you to see if you could help me locate a Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, so he could be charged by the local authorities. Reynolds is the man who bought my contract from those horrible people who abducted me, and then left me to die in that despicable, inhumane garbage container. I'm told that locating him is the first step in bringing him to justice, and I know that you have means at your disposal that a poor little girl in Whistle, Abraxin might not, as you are a brave patriot and a decorated (you are decorated, I'm sure! Don't be modest, now!) Alliance officer. I drew a picture of the ship from the deepest reaches of my sad little memory, and Deputy Colin said it was something called a Firefly class. I don't know if this information is going to be helpful to you, but since you were kind enough to offer future assistance, I thought it was worth a try.

I pray that you and the boys are enjoying safe travels, and that you'll soon be able to return home to your families. I don't recall asking you if you were married, so I'll be so bold as to assume that you are not -- and again, extend the invitation to pay me a visit if you are passing by Abraxin. This alone time is giving me a chance to pick up my shattered life, but, I'll be the old Mitsy again soon... and I'd love the company.

Thank you in advance, and godspeed!
Miss Mitsy Barrens

~Message End~

[[Open to the Alliance, specifically, Feliz Montalban, totally made-up character you can read (here).]]

Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004 09:43 pm (UTC)

~Message Start~

Dear Miss Barrens:

We have located Captain Reynolds and his crew on the trade planet of Persephone. As this moment, a number of soldiers are being deployed to investigate the situation and, if they must, take the necessary action to make sure that Captain Reynolds does not harm any more innocent bystanders. I am very sorry for the trouble you've been through, Miss Barrens, and I do hope that you can rest a little easier now that we have the situation in hand.

Please, do keep in touch.

Lt. Feliz Montalban

~Message End~